Siemens Manufacturing Execution System (MES) SIMATIC IT R&D Suite – one of the best platforms that manage the entire R&D process in a structured, yet flexible manner to enable fast and successful new product development and time-to-market. I was responsible for the design, development, support and maintenance of databases behind Simatic IT R&D Suite. These databases use Oracle and MS SQL technologies.
She worked on multiple components / libraries, such as:

  • SIMATIC IT Interspec: For corporate-wide and individual product specification management supporting the needs of multi-site and multi-language environments, supplying the necessary data to the operational systems like ERP, MES and LIMS, and to store them in a single, controlled data repository.

  • SIMATIC IT Unilab: Laboratory & Quality Information Management System to manage the workflow in laboratories, optimizing collection, analysis and reporting of quality data in the lab and on the production line. It is a multi-lab, multi-language enterprise LIMS for QC, service and R&D labs. It collects and manages all quality data in a central database.

  • Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN): Provides targeted functionality to make sure that every researcher has the full freedom to easily capture all data of any type of experiment or report in electronic format. Contextual handling of raw data, experimental details, and test results can be configured according to the corporate policy whilst allowing complete flexibility for annotations and additional activities. It allows cross-references between projects and links the phases of the defined State Transition Diagram with the business rules in SIMATIC IT Production Modeler to automate the process as much as possible. Other information that needs to be captured or shown during certain process steps is presented to the notebook user by means of configurable forms that they need to fill in. These forms can either be fixed, or the user can be allowed to dynamically add in other fields at runtime, based on their user profile. Data validation checks ensure that the complete process is managed in an integrated and secure manner.

  • Formula Workbench: Provides the creative environment to manage large numbers of prototypes in a workbench and supports trials and experiments to introduce and verify new formulas, raw materials, packaging materials, ingredients, manufacturing process designs, and test designs. The results of those are stored together with associated documentation and objects in a searchable way, available for future re-use.

  • Simantic R&D Suite: is a modular, scalable software platform covering all R&D activities.

Data migration: Helping one of the biggest retail companies in the Netherlands, Unilever R&D with data migration from Interspec to Teamcenter. I was responsible of data cleansing and data extraction from multiple databases around the world; fixing issues and advising the client how to proceed with the migration.

Custom ERP solution in-house developed to manage wholesale and distribution business: The application covers key business processes and consists of the following modules:

  • Financial/Accounting management

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Sales

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  • Inventory

  • Purchasing

  • Business Intelligence (BI) features and functionality

The ERP provides up-to-date information about stocks and the financial state of clients to other employees. This is mainly commercial information, but the software can assist the decision-making process as well, by providing manufacturing units. Furthermore, it meets the legal criteria for electronically filling-in legal documents and forms.

The warehouse department was automated with PLC technologies, which communicates with the Oracle databases.

The system provided historical, current, and predictive views of business operations, using data that has been gathered into a data warehouse.

The database behind the ERP is Oracle and used Oracle Forms, Reports, Graphics and Olap for development.

Assembly of molds: The purpose was to monitor the wearing out of molds, plan their changing in due time and to follow the possible parts that can be reused, notifying about missing parts, assuring that the production is continuous.

Monitoring and management of some production lines: The application plans the necessary raw materials, human resources and financial resources for optimal production of grindstones.

E(equipment) Register: The application monitors the use of equipment and tools, planning when this equipment or part of it should be repaired, to prevent malfunctioning and to assure continuous operations time.

Fixed assets management: Accounting software caters to the accurate calculation of depreciation values and comprehensive reporting of all financial information related to fixed assets on the balance sheet.

Software to manage employee loans within a factory: The application manages the loans, interests and repayments. It applied the banking rates and taxes to the members’ actual wages.


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